MegMy name is Megan and I’m excited to share my version of a plant-based lifestyle with you!  I am a food lover and fitness enthusiast. Notice how food was listed before fitness? That was intentional! Life revolves around food. We live to eat rather than eat to live. Food IS life. Nights out with friends involve good restaurants and even tastier drinks, and special occassions are always marked by sweets and chocolate.

Plant-based living is about true awareness and mindfulness about the food that we consume. This blog is meant to serve as a resource for those interested in learning how to create healthy lifestyle habits. All recipes and posts on this page will include locally purchased and seasonal ingredients to create soul nourishing recipes that are simple, delicious and accomodate all food preferences.

I’m here to inspire ya’ll to use REAL food as nourishment and fuel, to prepare easy and delicious recipes that satisfy your tastebuds and soul, and to have fun doing it all!

Life is all about balance. Be consistent, not perfect.